Small cap day - Sector day

The existing business climate makes it more difficult than ever to achieve an impact in the increasingly more intense report periods. Participating at a small cap day or a sector day are both perfect ways for you to increase visibility and thus increase your chances of having an impact.

Several times a year, we organize small cap day and sector day events for companies that may need help to generate the desired attention for their internally produced company presentation or teleconference.

As a participant, your company will get the chance to do a presentation to a targeted group of analysts, active private investors, financial institutions and journalists.

We will provide an industry specialist moderator that will ask relevant questions about upcoming challenges, pressure from competitors and the global market etc. The audience will be able to ask questions.

There is also a possibility to record an interview with the CEO if you like.

The cap day will be filmed, streamed and distributed through our channels with professional sound and picture with a synchronized slide show. The video will be marketed through us and our partners with the potential to reach 150,000 unique visitors.

In addition, we will help finding a suitable venue where it will also be possible to hold smaller personal meetings during the day. In the past we have organized events from Helio GT30, IVA, Operaterassen, Berns and other venues in central Stockholm. The small cap day is also a perfect place for you to showcase your products or service. 

With over 25 years of experience from organizing company presentations, Financial Hearings has built up a unique distribution network in the financial market and media. As a result, we can guarantee that relevant analysts, investors and journalists will be invited to the small cap day.  

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Small cap day - Sector day

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