Including high-quality sound, pictures of the speakers, synchronized slides as well as integrated teleconferencing, an audiocast is an efficient and cost effective way for your company to present your quarterly reports or press releases. Financial Hearings will handle the organizing, planning and marketing of the financial event as well as the hosting of the audiocast together with the teleconference.

What is an audiocast?

The audiocast will be streamed live for an unlimited number of listeners in where we provide a company customized audio player, still pictures of the speakers as well as synchronized slides support in order to make the presentation as pleasant as possible, not only for you, but also for the listeners.

During the live audiocast presentation, listeners will also have the possibility to ask questions through the telephone conference system.

What will Financial Hearings do?

As the project manager, we will handle everything concerning planning, invitations and marketing of the event as well as the hosting of the audiocast together with the integrated telephone conference. As a result, you only need access to a teleconferencing telephone. 

The presentation will be stored for a minimum of three years. This on-demand version will also be divided into chapters, making it easier for the interested to find certain parts of the presentation.

Financial Hearings will make sure relevant analysts, journalists, investors and other stakeholders will be invited and be able to participate through the telephone conference. 

In addition, we also offer services in regards to listener statistics (divided into live and on demand) as well as registration functions in order for you to keep track on participants.

Since Financial Hearings was founded in 1993, we have built an impressive contact network that we will use to invite investors, analysts and financial journalists. Invitations are sent as press releases through our partners and through Financial Hearing’s e-mail based newsletter.

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