Financial Hearing - Press conference - Capital Market Day

If you want to present your company in front of a live audience consisting of analysts, journalists and investors, a financial hearing such as a press conference or a capital market day might be what you are looking for. Financial Hearings will work as the project manager at these financial events where we assume full responsibility and will handle everything in regards to venue, moderator, teleconference, hosting and streaming of webcast among many other things.

In connection to your quarterly reports, press conferences or capital market days we offer a financial hearing of your presentation.
In conjunction with your presentation in front of a live audience, we will provide a high-quality webcast with an integrated telephone conference. In other words, we make sure that everyone that is interested, despite physical location, can participate and ask questions.


What will Financial Hearings do?

As the project manager, we can handle everything concerning planning, finding a suitable venue, invitations, marketing of the event, providing a moderator, refreshments and food as well as the live streaming and hosting of the webcast together with the integrated telephone conference.

We will also provide and support other, on location, technology such as projector and screen etc. In other words, we offer a neutral platform and ready-to-use service event that we assume full responsibility for.

In regards to venue, we can help organizing the event from your office or from another location. We frequently hold presentations at Helio GT30, IVA, Operaterassen, Berns and other venues in central Stockholm.

As mentioned previously, we can also help selecting, in collaboration with you, a suitable moderator for the event.

The webcast will be stored for a minimum of three years and can be accessible on our site and through your webpage for anyone who wants to watch it in replay. This on-demand version will also be divided into chapters, making it easier for the interested to find certain parts of the presentation.

In addition, we also offer services in regards to listener statistics (divided into live and post-presentation groups) as well as registration functions in order for you to keep track on participants.

We have over the last 25 years built an impressive contact network that we will use to invite and market your event investors, analysts and financial journalists. Invitations are sent as press releases through our partners and through Financial Hearing’s e-mail based newsletter.

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Financial Hearing - Press conference - Capital Market Day



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