The webcast is streamed live and hosted for an unlimited number of viewers for three years.

-A single-camera or two-camera production with the required sound and lighting equipment.

-We develope a webcast player with your company profile, synchronized PPT and chapters divided.

-Possibility for viewers to ask questions via the webcast.

-Possibility to use a registration function in order to get information and statistics on participants. Works for both live and post-webcast participants. 

-Possibility to record an elevator pitch (brief web-broadcasted interview with the CEO/CFO etc) directly connected to the meeting.

-Technology on location as projector, screen, audio, technicians, etc.

-Integrated telephone conference at the meeting with the possibility to ask questions.

-Suitable refreshments, lunch, breakfast, canapés, etc.


As project manager, we handle: planning, invitations, marketing, livestreaming and storage of the webcast and integrated telephone conference.

For more info and price please contact us at hearings@financialhearings.com