Smallcap day

This product is directed towards smallcap companies that may have difficulties generating the desired attention for their presentation on their own.


The aim of the model is to facilitate the report flows for players in this market by organizing a one-day program for companies publishing their quarterly reports on the same day.

Increases interest in your internally produced company presentation or telephone conference.

Reaches everyone concerned and those interested in your information, which we guarantee using our registers and partners.

During its 20 years as organizer of company presentations, Financial Hearings has built up a unique distribution network in the financial market and financial media. We now offer a service that is directed at companies that want to increase interest in their internally produced company presentations and telephone conferences.

Today, it is more difficult than ever to achieve an impact amid the increasingly more intense report periods. We help you to increase visibility and thus increase your chances of having an impact. With our service, you also reach stakeholders outside your existing register, thereby developing and expanding your register for future use.

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