Inderes accelerates its internationalization by acquiring Financial Hearings and Streamfabriken, the Board of Directors decided on a directed share issue related to the acquisitions

Inderes has today signed an agreement to purchase the entire share capital of Svenska Financial Hearings AB and Streamfabriken AB, Streamfabriken Oy and Streamfabrikken AS. Financial Hearings is the market leader in producing investor relations events in Sweden. Streamfabriken acts as the production company for Financial Hearings and serves other customers in the online events market in Sweden, Finland and Norway. The companies employ 23 people in total. The combined revenue of the acquisition targets including intercompany sales was about EUR 3.9 million and EBIT around EUR 0.9 million in 2021. Both companies are net debt-free. With the acquisitions, Inderes expands its platform to cover over 400 listed companies in the Nordic countries.

Financial Hearings has operated in the Swedish financial sector for 30 years and arranged over 10,000 investor events, which has built a unique contact network and industry knowledge. The company’s customer base consists of over 200 mainly Swedish listed companies that use its services to execute result releases, AGMs and CMDs.

Streamfabriken is a production company specialized in high-quality technical execution of online events that operates in the same location and in close cooperation with Financial Hearings in Sweden. The company also has four employees in Finland and a recently established company in Norway. The companies have been using the Videosync software platform developed by Inderes in their broadcasts for years.

"In Sweden, Financial Hearings and Streamfabriken have done what Inderes and our subsidiary Flik have done in Finland: democratized information by making listed companies' investor events available to all investors. It is an honor to be able to take these companies forward that have been built over decades with a long-term vision of openly serving investors and listed companies," said Mikael Rautanen, CEO of Inderes.

"Financial Hearings delivered the first webcast of a Swedish investor event in 2000, which launched a new era in the financial sector. I am proud to be able to transfer Financial Hearings to a new generation of entrepreneurs in the financial sector after working with investor events for 30 years. Inderes shares our vision of a Nordic player and the companies share the same values," said Per-Erik Holmström, the main owner and founder of Financial Hearings.

Please find more info here regarding the acquisition  here.