Nanoform, Capital Markets Day (virtual), 2021

June 4th 2021 13:00 (Europe/Stockholm)
Health care - Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
First North
Capital Markets Day


1. Prof. Edward Hæggström, CEO

2. Miguel Calado, Chairman of the Board

3. Live Tour:

Dr. Niklas Sandler, Chief Technology Officer

Director Antonio Da Silva, Quality Control Director

Dr. Eric Kissi, Quality Control Scientist

Dr. Satu Lakio, Director Pharmaceutical Development

Dr. David Rowe, head of Manufacturing

Rossella Dal Maso, Production Team Leader

Peter Blackburn, Manufacturing Operations Manager

Marco Minerva, Operational Exellence Specialist

4. COO Christian Jones, Commercial

5. Mike Rea, Strategic Innovation Advisor

6. Dr. Maria Lume, Biologics

7. Dr. Elisabetta Micelotta, STARMAP

8. CFO Albert Hæggström, Finance

9. Q&A

10. CEO Prof. Edward Hæggström, Closing Remarks