Distribution through the news agency Direkt

In order to improve our unique services, we are working with the news agency Direkt. The journalists at Direkt will help our customers gain a more effective distribution of Webcasts, Press Releases and Audiocasts and reach the investors and analysts that are relevant and important for your company.
In regards to Financial Hearings services,

  1. the news agency Direkt will help us market your event by creating tailored and compact news articles, with the most relevant and important content from your webcast, ready to be distributed.
  2. The article will include special links that will guide the reader to the part of the webcast that the journalist is referring to.
  3. The summarizing article will be published through Direkt’s distribution channels, such as Bloomberg, Factset, Infront and Thomson Reuters ensuring it will reach the most important analysts and potential investors. In addition, Financial Hearings will of course also use its register to make sure that as many as possible receive your message.

Private investors will be reached through the banks (e.g. Nordea, Swedbank, Handelsbanken) internet services or through online stockbrokers like Nordnet and Avanza. The event will also be published on financialhearings.com and invitations to your event/webcast/audiocast will be sent to our register. Financial Hearings has built this register over 25 years and is continuously updated. As a result, we can guarantee that all analysts, journalists and institutions will receive your invitation. Additionally, the invitations will also be sent to private investors in our register.

Direkt was founded in 1988, and has then became the benchmark for real-time financial news in the Nordics and the go-to-source for professionals as well as private investors in the Swedish financial market.

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Distribution through Direkt