Analytiker Golf - 26 Years at Kevinge Golf Club.

Karl Johan Bonnevier won the 26th Analytiker Golf at Kevinge

The Analytiker Golf tournament has throughout the years developed into becoming the "Swedish Masters" for the capital market.

Thanks to Anna Oxienstierna, Joakim Sabel, Elisabeth Johansson as well as other Pros and Directors at this famous club, the first ball this teed off, like every year before, at 06.00 the day before midsummer. 

Throughout the years, the winners have always represented the Swedish Research Market, even though some might say they are still waiting for the 2015 Champion Jarmo Sandelin's, who shot a 63 that year, first analysis. 

Michael Grundberg, Anna Oxenstierna, Karl-Johan Bonnevier

At first tee this year we saw, among others, Michael Grundberg ( 1st winner), Anna Oxenstierna (one of the founders), and Karl Johan Bonnevier, who before this year's win had almost 15 starts and more than three 2nd place finishes in his backpack. 

The Winner Karl Johan Bonnevier said .” It is always a pleasure to be here at, for us in the capital market, the most classic Golf day of the year and to finally be able to win the title. On top of that, also winning the team prize with my strong and experienced teammates who helped  "Caddie"  me the last holes.."

Perka /Financial Hearings


Analytikergolfen – 2018

Financial Hearings traditionsenliga morgongolf i Gustav VI Adolfs anda, spelas på Kevinge

Tävlingen spelades i år för 26:e året i rad. 

Precis som förra året är Operakällaren och Sjöö Sandström samarbetspartners.

Datum: Torsdag 20 juni Tid: Samling 05.45 (vid klubbhuset)

Plats: Stockholms GK (Kevinge Strand, Danderyd)


Historiska Segrare:

2019 Karl Johan Bonnevier, DNB

2018 Rickard Koch, SEB

2017 Daniel Thorsson, ABG Sundal Collier

2016 Henrik Alveskog, Redeye

2015 Jarmo Sandelin, Tamsen

2014 Johan Eliason, Kepler Cheuvreux

2013 David Andreasson, Swedbank

2012 Stefan Mattsson, SEB Enskilda

2011 Henrik Alveskog, Redeye

2010 Tobias Kaj, Carnegie

2009 Jan Bengtsson, Uniflex

2008 Pontus Herin, Veckans Affärer

2007 Robert Gärtner, Handelsbanken

2006 Olof Grenmark, Handelsbanken

2005 Björn Davegårdh, Börsveckan

2004 Tobias Kaj, Swedbank & Stefan Andersson, Nordea

2003 Carl-Fredrik Lorenius, Alfred Berg

2002 Martin Sakari, JP Nordiska & Johan Karlström, Handelsbanken

2001 John Hernander, Alfred Berg

2000 Henrik Alveskog, Nordiska FK  

1999 Stefan Sundblom, Swedbank

1998 Robert Gärtner, Handelsbanken

1997 Henrik Alveskog, Nordiska FK 

1996 Peter Engman, OM Stockholmsbörsen 

1995 Johan Ekwall, Nordbanken 

1994 Mikael Grundberg, ABG Securities 


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Analytiker Golf