About Financial Hearings

Financial Hearings was founded in 1993 and has since then grown and become the leading producer of investor relations events in the Nordic countries. With experience of organizing and executing over 10,000 investor meetings, both on location and on the web, we have built a unique contact network and industry knowledge.

Financial Hearings offers services that are specialized in organizing corporate presentations for listed companies aimed toward the capital market and financial media. Financial Hearings is headquartered in Stockholm but work together with many companies from all around the Nordic countries as well as other parts of the World.

We help organizing both physical events, such as financial hearings and capital market days, as well as online events, such as webcasts, audiocasts and teleconferences.
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At these events, Financial Hearings serves as the project manager for the entire presentation. In other words, we take full responsibility for planning, marketing and organizing the event. We also host the live streaming of the webcast, audiocast and the integrated telephone conference.

In addition, together with our IRGL calendar tool, we also ensure that your event does not interfere with any other conflicting financial events. As a result, your presentation will get the attention it deserves. 

In order to gain the desired attention, we market the events through our unique, continuously updated, register of analysts, institutional investors and financial journalists. We also work through printed advertising and press releases via our partners.

We are also very proud of our annual Financial Hearings Analyst and Journalist Ranking as well as our Nordic corporate ratings that started in 1997. The ranking covers most of the Swedish Capital Market Research Base and has become a benchmark for the financial industry in Sweden.

Financial Hearings